Владивосток, Пр-т 100-летия Владивостоку, 18

(423) 2-360-785

Владивосток, ул. Посьетская 14, «Дом Моды»

(423) 2-514-400, 2-514-449

RosOfis in brief


Our company was founded in 2003 year. Now «Rosofis» is one of the leading office and contract furniture company in Primorsky region.

The concept behind Rosofis is the fast and efficient delivery of high –quality ergonomically designed dynamic interior solutions which support its customers business.

Rosofis employs more than 25 peoples of which 12 is a service and constraction mans with professional instruments and two firms cargo cars.

We have a wide network of dealers and partners in many regions of Russia, in Primorsky region we contact with Megofon, MTS, Dalsvyaz, Dalenergo etc.